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SNSD's "Indestructible" Translation


Someone on Twitter asked me to translate SNSD’s new song….so here you all go. Just quickie :)


It’s gone by fast, hasn’t it? The time flows on the way we are
Since when have we started thinking alike?
Fights, Silence, we do everything together
And even then, your voice…

hyohyun being their usual selves at the airport

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Taylor Shilling you are so beautiful!

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우리오래가자: (Trans) Yoona Fanacc in Dongguk University by a classmate [Long]


*omitted irrelevant content & translate only related to yoong*

Time: 23 September 2013, Monday, 12:00-13:30

:Noon in the ‘Samguk Yusa’ class (History lessons on Three Kingdoms of Korea’.

:Classroom of Dongguk University L302.

4th week in school, around 12.40pm, the back door of the…


pureswagsone said: Who is your bias in spica?

truthfully speaking, i dont know if i have a bias in spica :/ but watching Jiwon and Narae makes me go crazy sometimes


convincing cf is convincing

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High five !

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