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hyohyun being their usual selves at the airport

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Taylor Shilling you are so beautiful!

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우리오래가자: (Trans) Yoona Fanacc in Dongguk University by a classmate [Long]


*omitted irrelevant content & translate only related to yoong*

Time: 23 September 2013, Monday, 12:00-13:30

:Noon in the ‘Samguk Yusa’ class (History lessons on Three Kingdoms of Korea’.

:Classroom of Dongguk University L302.

4th week in school, around 12.40pm, the back door of the…


pureswagsone asked: Who is your bias in spica?

truthfully speaking, i dont know if i have a bias in spica :/ but watching Jiwon and Narae makes me go crazy sometimes


convincing cf is convincing

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High five !

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